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  Health Change Bulletin                                                            September 18, 2014

Who's Who in Managed Health Care

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  "The president and his administration launched knowing that the personal information of Americans who bought insurance through the website was not safe. Their personal information was not safe then, and it is not safe now. Someone should be held accountable for this kind of gross mismanagement, and security must be fixed immediately before a major hacking attack does massive damage." Lamar Alexander, United States Senator, Tennessee

  $295 million in Affordable Care Act FY14 funding will go to 1,195 health centers in every U.S. State, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Pacific Basin to expand primary care services. This will enable health centers to hire an estimated 4,750 new staff that will help health centers reach a possible 1.5 million new patients nationwide, including over 137,000 oral health patients and more than 38,000 mental and substance abuse patients.
Source: The Department of Health and Human Services
National Health Interview Survey Early Release Program
CDC, September 15, 2014
  Is Obamacare causing a surge in part-time work?
CBS, September 18, 2014

ACA Means More Americans Have Health Insurance, Federal Government Reports
International Business Times, September 16, 2014

Big Health Insurance: Obamacare's Worst Bad Guys
Forbes, September 16, 2014

New ACA and payment models deliver $372 million in savings, improve care
The Department of Health and Human Services, September 16, 2014

Administration threatens to cut off ObamaCare subsidies to 360,000
The Hill, September 15, 2014

U.S. to End Coverage Under Health Care Law for Tens of Thousands
The New York Times, September 15, 2014

Hating Obama, loving Obamacare
The Washington Post, September 17, 2014

McAuliffe's health plan propped up with more federal Affordable Care Act funds
The Washington Buisness Journal, September 12, 2014

    Since #ACA's passage, lawsuits have been filed challenging provisions of the law
Kaiser Family Foundation,, September 16, 2014
HealthshareTV video
What is the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Newly Insured Patients?
  Impact of ACA on Newly Insured Patients?

The Affordable Care Act created health insurance exchanges or marketplaces to offer consumers affordable healthcare coverage through subsidies. In this video interview, Brandy Farrar, AIR researcher, explains what Californian consumers think about their experiences with Covered California, their state's health insurance marketplace.

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Healthsprocket List 
9 Changes To The U.S. Healthcare System Over The Past Two Years

1. An unprecedented number of hospital and medical group consolidations
2. The enrollment of eight million people in insurance plans through the ACA
3. Continue reading here

Source: The Physicians Foundation
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