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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      September 22, 2016

Trends in Provider Sponsored Health Plans

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"We're seeing premiums rising at historically slow rates, which helps workers and employers alike, but it's made possible in part by the more rapid rise in the deductibles workers must pay." Drew Altman, Kaiser Family Foundation President and CEO

  Researchers used data from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Hospital Compare website to analyze the readmission rates for heart attacks, heart failure and pneumonia at safety-net hospitals. In the first three years of the program, these hospitals reduced readmissions for heart attack by 2.86 percentage points, heart failure by 2.78 percentage points, and pneumonia by 1.77 percentage points, and they also reduced the disparity between their readmission rates and those of other hospitals.

Source: Health Affairs

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ACA Best Practices: Why You Can’t Take a Vacation From ACA Compliance
  Value-Based Care at UCLA Health

This video describes what ValU means to patients, families, healthcare providers, administrators, and staff at UCLA Health.

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Healthsprocket List 
4 Points to Keep in Mind on the CMS Emergency Preparedness Final Rule for ASCs

1. The final rule exempts ASCs from providing information about occupancy. Hospitals will continue to report on inpatient occupancy.
2. ASCs are required to create a process to cooperate with local, regional, state and federal efforts for emergency preparedness in their community.
3. Continue reading here

Source: Becker's ASC
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