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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      March 01, 2018
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  "I love the idea of tackling what I regard as the major problem of our economy. Now, you want the best health care but you find that in other industrial countries that were at about our 5 percent level many years ago, they've gone up into the 11 percent range or thereabout. So we have a huge competitive disadvantage in American businesses, far more important than any tax change."

-Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway CEO
  The elimination of the individual-mandate penalties and the other policy changes will lead to an additional 6.4 million people uninsured in 2019 compared with prior law (12.5% of the nonelderly population uninsured compared with 10.2%). The introduction of expanded short-term, limited-duration policies, consistent with proposed regulations, would increase the number of people without minimum essential coverage by 2.5 million in 2019. Of the 36.9 million people without minimum essential coverage, 32.6 million would have no coverage at all (completely uninsured), and 4.2 million would enroll in expanded short-term limited-duration plans. The combined effect of eliminating the individual-mandate penalties and expanding short-term limited-duration policies would increase 2019 ACA-compliant nongroup insurance premiums 18.2% on average in the 43 states that do not prohibit or limit short-term plans.

Source: Urban Institute: The Potential Impact of Short-Term Limited Duration Policies on      Insurance Coverage, Premiums, and Federal Spending
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ACA and Healthcare Reform - Affordable Care Act   Warren Buffett: I Love The Idea Of Tackling Health-Care Costs | CNBC

Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO, discusses how Berkshire, Amazon and J.P. Morgan decided to get together to tackle the rising cost of health care and why the private sector can do it better than the government..

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  Trump's IRS sends hundreds of ACA fine notices to employers: 5 things to know
1. The employer mandate requires applicable large employers to offer "affordable" and     "minimum value" essential coverage to their full-time employees as well as their dependent or potentially owe a fine.
2. When ALEs have one or more employees covered through the ACA marketplace who receive a tax credit, the companies will likely be fined, according to the report.
3. Continue reading here

Source: Becker's Hospital Review
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