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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      March 08, 2018
The NJ Medicaid ACO Demonstration - 2018 Update
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  "Today’s announcement by UnitedHealthcare is a prime example of the type of movement toward transparency and lower drug prices for millions of patients that the Trump Administration is championing. Empowering patients and providers with the information and control to put them in the driver’s seat is a key part of our strategy at the Department of Health and Human Services to bring down the price of drugs and make healthcare more affordable."

-Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar
  The Commonwealth Fund Affordable Care Act Tracking Survey of 2,410 adults ages 19 to including 541 who have marketplace or Medicaid coverage showed the reasons respondents weren't using the ACA Marketplace even though they were aware of it. The highest response was "You don't think you can afford health insurance" at 71%, followed by "You don’t think you will be eligible for health insurance" at 38%, "You don't think you need health insurance" at 37%, "You are going to go someplace else to look for health insurance coverage" at 29%, "Other reasons" at 26%, "You heard the Affordable Care Act is going to be repealed" at 23% and "You don't think the government requires you to have health insurance any longer" at 16%.

Source: S.R. Collins, M. Z. Gunja, M. M. Doty, and H. K. Bhupal, Americans’ Views on Health Insurance at the End of a Turbulent Year, The Commonwealth Fund, March 2018
  CMS: Payers Must Make Claims Data Available to Beneficiaries
HealthPayer Intelligence, March 8, 2018

Cigna to buy Express Scripts in $67 billion deal
The Hill, March 8, 2018

Amazon Offers Prime Discount for Medicaid Recipients
The New York Times, March 7, 2018

Providers Must be Flexible in Helping Patients Afford Their Healthcare
Healthcare IT News, March 7, 2018
BCBS Earned Positive ACA Health Plan Revenues in Uncertain Market
HealthPayer Intelligence, March 7, 2018
Probe Into Generic Drug Price Fixing Set To Widen
NPR, March 7, 2018
FDA Commissioner Says 'Rigged' System Raises Drug Costs for Patients
The Hill, March 7, 2018
White House ACA Pitch Includes Tough Trade-Offs for Democrats
Politico, March 6, 2018
UnitedHealthcare Will Pass Drug Rebates Directly to Consumers
The Hill, March 6, 2018
  Proposed Reforms To The 340B Drug Discount Program
Health Affairs, March 7, 2018
Three Doses of Competition to Reduce the Soaring Cost of Health Care
The Hill, March 4, 2018
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ACA and Healthcare Reform - Affordable Care Act   Health Care Reform Webinar

Covered in this webinar: 20 States filed a Lawsuit claiming the ACA Law is now unconstitutional because of the elimination of the Tax Penalty. 2018 Individual Tax Penalty….still stands. JPMorgan/Chase; Amazon; Berkshire-Hathaway: Gaining interest from other groups such as the Health Transformation Alliance which was formed in 2015 by AmEx, Macy’s, Verizon, Caterpillar.

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  The Commonwealth Fund: Americans’ Views on Health Insurance at the End of a Turbulent Year, 5 Highlights
1. 14% of working age adults were uninsured at the end of 2017
2. 35% of uninsured adults were not aware of the marketplaces.
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Source: The Commonwealth Fund
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