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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      August 10, 2017

Inside Medicare's Episode Payment Models - Major Provisions and Implications for 2018

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  The extent of uncertainty in Washington has made people reluctant to make changes to their benefit programs without knowing what’s happening. They’re taking a wait-and-see attitude." 

-Julie Stone, Senior Benefits Consultant, Willis Towers Watson
  According to a recent analysis of proposed 2018 premium changes in the exchanges, double-digit increases for benchmark silver plans are quite common, though the range across major cities is large, from a 5% decrease in Providence, R.I. to a 49% increase in Wilmington, Del.. 84% of the enrollees in the marketplaces receive premium subsidies under the ACA and are insulated from these premium hikes. However, roughly 6.7 million people will feel the full brunt of premium increases. In many cases, there is as much as a 20% point swing or more in rates depending on whether the CSRs are paid.

Source: AXIOS
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  National Business Group on Health: Increasing # of Employers Plan to Adopt These 5 Strategies

1. Telehealth
2. Accountable Care Organizations
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Source: Globe Newswire
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